I Just Can’t



I just can’t see one more barf-worthy political post on Twitter, Facebook, CNN, NPR, or Fox.

I can’t stomach one more idiot-generated false meme depicting an opinion as truth.

I can’t stand one more glimpse at corn on the cob hair or wooden doll forced smile.

I will stab someone if I have to hear one more word about who is lying, or who should be in jail, or who is going to MAGA.

I would sooner jump into a fiery pit of lava than look any of my four children in the face than have to tell them, for a variety or reasons, that I gave my vote to either of these two ass clowns.

All this being said, I JUST CAN’T! And, I won’t.

I won’t vote.

I won’t call it a waste. It’s not a waste to abstain from something you can’t justify with your conscience.

I won’t look at my daughters and tell them I voted for a man who wants to pay them less, condones grabbing women, forcing himself, and control their bodies. A man who thinks his power comes from his money.

I won’t look at my sons and tell them I voted for a man who belittles people because they were born in another country, may not make as much money, or have the physical capabilities that he deems worthy, or who would treat women in the way he does.

I won’t.

I won’t look at my daughters and tell them I voted for her because she is a woman. A woman who lies, cheats, and manipulates. A woman who can not begin to be a woman I would want them to grow up to model themselves after.

I won’t look at my boys and tell them that I voted for a woman who got where she is from corrupt power; through force and deception.

Whether you will or won’t, can or can not is all in your hands. I can’t and won’t try to talk you out of your choice. Democracy is a gift and the right to vote is as important as the right to abstain.

We have one more week of this Godzilla of an election process. I hope that when this is all said and done we will all step back and evaluate how we ended up in this catastrophe to begin with and make legitimate changes so that next round we can all feel confident and excited about our future.