The Horror



Everybody is all worked up over who is going to pee in the stall next to them and all I can think about is what’s going to happen if Trump is elected and has a meeting with the Prime Minister of any other country in the world. I’m not even kidding. Picture this, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia, sits at a round table with the Donald and Vladimir Putin: the conversation, already tense, turns violent when Trump opens his unfiltered pie hole and starts flinging ethnic and racial slurs across the table in a feeble attempt to make is point. ……………………… No thanks. Even if he has some valid ideas and points which I agree with, there is NO WAY I want that scenario to go down. This is terrifying! Whether I believe in anything he says or I don’t isn’t an issue for me anymore. Its all about tact, the ability to be civil and have people skills. I’ll happily pee in the Target bathroom next to someone who is transgender over the prospect of Trump in a Head of State meeting any day!

This is a real struggle for me and with an entire 196 days left of this campaign trail of tears and only a week until the May primaries in Indiana, I have some serious thinking to do. Its not easy and I can’t remember a time where I actually didn’t want to vote. Unfortunately if you’re reading this, I’m going to sort out my thoughts, as I often do, here. I’m going to talk to myself and you’re welcome to listen or close the tab. There are far too many issues for me to do them all in one blog and I don’t have the time to write every day, so I’ll do a few that are in my head and try to write more again sometime in the next week.  We’ll start with what is important to me. For the record, I’ve taken a great political online quiz and I came out 86% Bernie and some 70% Trump (whom I refuse to vote for based on the previously mentioned scenario), so you see the problem.

Numero Uno – No, not immigration, but while we’re speaking Spanish…. There is a reason people come to this country and while some may be up to no good, I believe that 99% of them just want to live life in the wild, wild west like they’ve seen in the movies. To me, you are welcome here as long as you’re paying taxes.  I don’t care if you speak Spanish or mail your dinero south of the border to support your family. I’ll have to give this one to both Kasich and Clinton if I were to combine their ideas. I don’t love either but a combination of these two would be okay.

2. The environment. – I love trees. I’ve planed fifteen of them so far this year and no, I’m not done. I think we need to do everything we can to cut carbon emissions, find better sources of energy and stop pretending that climate change isn’t real and grow hemp like its going out of style. Bernie, you’re my man on this one. The end.

Three – Healthcare. If you’ve never been sick or known anyone with a chronic illness then bless your heart, you are an anomaly. For the rest of the population who has a friend or family member, or even themselves who were unable to purchase or afford insurance before the “O” word came about a couple of years ago, this is not an all bad thing. Is it expensive? Is ice cold? Hell yes it is! Is it required? Yup. It has to be if we’re going to offer health care to the sick.  Do I think we should go back to how it used to be? Not for anything in the world. Here is why. I know that you don’t want to pay for the guy down the street to happens to be on Medicaid to have his appendix removed, but mark my words, you’re paying regardless. Your hospital bills are high to cover that guy anyway. The way I see it, universal, competitive healthcare (Medicare basically) makes sure we are all covered, being taken care of, and is the best and least costly prospect in the long haul. Looking at the increase in taxes with the prospect of a Medicare system vs. the cost of insurance plus hospital bills, I think we would be at the least breaking even if not saving money over time. Is it socialist? You bet your butt it is. Do I care? Not in the least. Again, you go, Bernie and maybe a little Hillary on the side.  Honestly though, she’s cold and I don’t trust her one bit, so I’ll take Bernie.

D. Laws, Laws, Rules and More Laws and Rules – Enough with the laws and rules already. You know what they say about self fulfilling prophecies or is that just a thing that education and psychology majors study? In a nutshell, what you set as the expectation is what you will receive. As I read more about the expectations we are setting for our country, its no wonder we falter over and over again. We are spoon fed bad news to sell stories on a daily basis. Positive news and happiness are a “treat” and the times we see the videos that touch our hearts and make us smile or tear up, we pass them off as a strange event instead of the normal. They aren’t odd and we aren’t bad! We look for the bad so we can have crap to talk about on social media and the beauty parlor or the coffee shop!  We see this all the time, every day on the news and we eat it up! I hate it and we’re all so busy bickering and calling names that we NEVER EVER get to the part where we actually mind our own damn business and offer hope to anyone! Instead of worrying about what your neighbor is doing that you don’t agree with, stop making laws to stop them and start living your life the way you know all the way down to your toes that is right. Stop taking rights and pushing rules onto other people in an attempt to control them.  Based on the issues I’m hinting at, I’m going to have to lean to the left again but Katich, you’re holding your own on a couple of these issues and so are you Trump. (If you’re wondering, I’m okay with guns, choices, bathrooms, free range children and chickens, GMO labels, and legalizing weed. I don’t think the minimum wage should be raised or that anyone should be forced to serve anyone in a private business. There.)

I don’t know y’all. There is a mess of messes out there and I can’t talk myself into anyone. Without sparking debates, which I can’t stomach anymore, how do you decide who is the best choice in a sea of bad choices? For tonight, my choice is Pinot Noir after a track meet.