Thanks Mr.

Last night while watching the Oscars via Twitter, I was also dipping my toes in Facebook land, something I try to avoid but unwillingly get drug back to out of iPhone app addiction problems. As I was scrolling as quickly as possible to miss the drama that lurks around every other post, I stopped on a friend of mine’s post, because she and I are on the same page more times than not: I was not disappointed. I would like to begin this blog by thanking a Mr. Jerry Christofferson, whom I have never met, but who gave me a good laugh and some blogging inspiration. You can click his name and read his Facebook post if you’re having trouble following along with my follow up post today. I loved his blatant use of humor to explain some things that run through my mind from time to time and MOST of it I agreed with, although I think calling people stupid for having different (and sometimes stupid) opinions is uncalled for. Here is my list of opinions based on this post. Thanks of the blog inspiration, Jerry!

Jerry begins with the idea that we need to take back America and you know, I think he nailed it. Who took it? Other Americans? Are we taking it back from some other country or setting it back in time? Do I think we have some kinks to work out? Hell yes we do! Have we always had kinks to work out? Did you study American History in school? We’re nothing but a bunch of kinks and bumps. We’re in a bump right now and once we’re over it, we’ll be cool for awhile then hit another one. It called progress. Its never easy and there is always one side that gets mad and doesn’t get their way. In the end, we would still be living in the 1790s without it.

Mexico… You’ve vacationed there? You like their food? You want them to keep their people on the other side of the invisible wall, or build one to keep them out? Maybe pack them up and truck them back across the line in the sand because…… They don’t speak English? They’re taking your jobs? They’re less human than you? I don’t understand this completely. What I do understand is that there are a lot of hard working families looking for a better life that come here because we area land of opportunity. They aren’t trying to steal your money, your jobs, or your free vaccinations at the clinic. They love their babies and they want to catch a piece of that American dream, the same way we do. If the Canadians were coming down illegally in masses would you treat them the same way? Give that some thought.

Ah democracy, it works so well, doesn’t it? That’s why we still use that electoral college. We are, in fact, a Federal Republic. So is Germany. So is Pakistan. So is Brazil, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and a bunch of others. We are a bunch of individual states that elect our government. Actually,we are a bunch of states that let a small number of people (the electoral college) elect our government from a small pool of rich, powerful families… which, in a sense, makes us an oligarchy. No, we are not a true oligarchy but we aren’t a democracy either. We should work on that.

The next point that Mr. Christofferson made was one of my favorites. I am an Anderson Cooper fan myself but my dad likes one of those other guys on another channel. I also like Jimmy Kimmel and used to love Headlines with Jay Leno. Please, please, please for the love of God believe only half of what you hear on any and all news channels. You are their audience, and they make money from you watching and buying what they say. If everyone quit watching their news, they would go off the air.  (This is actually an excellent idea.) His advice to read from a bunch of different sources without the loud and overbearing voices of the people on TV allows your brain to make its own noise, and that is a beautiful thing. Think for crying out loud! Think! Facts are only facts when they are proven unbiasedly and that is a rare thing to encounter.

Science is good and sometimes scary, but it is also one of those things that can actually be factual, as long as its not a theory. Theories are fun; I have a lot of them and they are 90% false… albeit still really fun. However, Science is real and important, and it does not negate your believe system. This was a hard one for me to tackle since no one wrote about dinosaurs in the Bible, and I believe in evolution. You can do it too. Here, I’ll tell you one quick thing – we don’t have a polaroid or painting of Adam and Eve. They likely looked like monkeys. Its all good. God still made it all and started that whole big bang. And yes, it’s still science mixed with religion.


Now, lets talk about the dinosaur in the room since we didn’t find him in Genesis. Global Warming aka Climate Change. Yes, I believe in in. No, my dad doesn’t. Here’s the thing… what if it’s not real and we go ahead and treat it like it is… just to be on the safe side. Let’s say we get rid of the smog and carbon gasses in the atmosphere, clean up the water and soil and dammit, its all a crock! What have we just waisted all that time making the Earth cleaner for nothing? Are you following me? Quit with all the chemicals in the food and the air and make it natural. Find ways to generate energy that are genuinely clean and then, THEN if its all a lie we still aren’t out anything and have a better home anyway.

Moving from the dinosaur in the room to the elephant in the corner that we all pretend not to see. Racism. I’m white, you guys. This is a topic that I don’t feel comfortable talking about which, in a sense, makes me racist I suppose. This isn’t a one race issue or a one time issue. We’ve been pounding this nail for hundreds of years and I would love to see it stop, but there is no way it is going to as long as we pretend that we are all the same color. I’m white. My friend is black. We don’t look the same. My student is Mexican and he doesn’t look like my son. Can we stop pretending we don’t see color and just leave it that we do, but we’re all human and treat each other with respect regardless of their skin color?

Moving on…….

American Christians, can we stop using this believe system as political agenda already? We are terrified of Middle Eastern countries for being religious radicals. I don’t know if we have noticed but we’re hedging a line here and its scary for me as a Christian! What happened to that “pray alone in your room” part of the Bible? And, did someone recently threaten to take your church and Bible from you, because mine are still functioning and okay. No one is out to get my Christmas tree or Easter eggs – I was just at Target, the holidays are alive and well. We are free to celebrate Jesus with our church families and our neighbors, even the Gay, Divorced, Black, Jewish and Muslim ones, anytime we want. As for the offended people who just like to raise a stink because they didn’t get their way about things, that is SO 2015.

Poor people are all around you and they are getting poorer. No one likes this and no one wants to have to give them money because, one, that means we are admitting they are poor, and two, we want to keep what we made. We worked our butts off for it! However, not helping them isn’t an option because we are decent human beings who want our society to flourish, and to help each child grow to their fullest potential. We want the kid who was born into a low income family who may have the cure for cancer locked inside their impoverished brain to succeed. That takes a lot of help and caring, and as nice as a hot meal from the soup kitchen is, it doesn’t solve their problems. People survive on fight or flight, just like animals and when the little girl down the street doesn’t eat all weekend or have heat for whatever reason, she isn’t going to be learning at school. Its a terrible and tragic cycle. Break it and don’t  bat an eye. Karma is a very good thing. ❤

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… thank you for your words on education. Mr. Pence, take note.

ISIS is scary. Its a problem. Its a BIG problem but it’s not exactly as big and scary as those entertainers who are trying to sell you news want you to believe it is, because we do have one bad ass group of men and women protecting us. If there is one thing I think this country stands together on, no matter which side of the party line you fall, it’s that our military deserves our full love, support and major fist bumps at all times. Do not take a single one of them for granted, and for God’s sake, support them when they come home. They have seen more than I would wish on anyone and they should be given all the TLC and financial we can give them. Neglecting them should be a crime – do you hear me Congress?

Guns. We have guns at my house. My dad has a gun. I know guys and girls with lots of guns. They are responsible and yes, they can clean them and lock them up. They shoot for sport or hunting. They just like guns! Should they be allowed to have these guns? 110% yes! However, none of them is suffering from mental illness or a history of violence. Forget that last part. How many times do we hear that line, “He seemed like such a nice boy.” Seeming nice doesn’t mean you are nice, but a history of mental illness doesn’t lie and if those that want a gun really want a gun, they won’t argue about another background check. I won’t get into assault riffles because I don’t know enough about any of that but I said before that I don’t know why anyone outside law enforcement and the military would need one, and I’ll stand by that statement. Sorry collectors. You can school me and maybe I’ll change my mind.

I think I already covered the Muslim part. I’ll leave it at Westboro Baptist Church. Good enough?

Finally, my absolute FAVORITE part of what Mr. Christofferson wrote and what I brought up in the middle of a Donald Trump panic attack last week. “Unless you can trace your family line back to someone who made deerskin pants look stylish and could field dress a buffalo, you are a descendent of an immigrant. Please stop saying that immigrants are ruining our country. Such comments are like a giant verbal burrito stuffed with historical ignorance, latent racism, and xenophobia all wrapped in a fascist tortilla.” You guys, I cracked up and wanted to high five this guy and head to Taco Bell. What makes this country great and welcoming, what brings people from other places here is our heritage as a place of prosperity and refuge. Our ancestors, whether 200 or 2 years ago came here for a better life!

This was wordy and mostly a lot of disorganized blabbering but there was a lot said in the post that I needed to vent on. I’m always processing and taking in new ideas and changing what I believe and think. I hope you all will too. This election year is terrifying on so many fronts and we are at a tipping point with a total lack of trust between parties that has spilled over to our people. Enough with the finger pointing, the personal agendas and the closed off rhetoric; we have some huge problems and opportunities coming. If all the candidates would stop and think for themselves once, twice, and again it would be greatly appreciated. Now, let’s all do the same.