Stealing Stitches

I have this gorgeous human that lives with me. She is moody and sweet, crazy and quiet, a loner and the friendliest person you’ll ever know. She is my first baby girl and now that she is a teenager, she is so much of me I’m not sure what to think or do with her. There are times when I want to strangle her for being a weirdo and times that she is really the only person around who fully understands what I’m talking about – we are weirdos together!  While we don’t agree on everything (by a long shot) we do agree on the big stuff and we know how to disagree. As luck would have it, we also wear the same size and happened to get THE BEST STITCH FIX BOX EVER yesterday in the middle of this late February snow storm. So, while the kids and I were having Mario Kart races, painting, eating pizza rolls and living up a free day, Evin and I also got to have a big kid surprise. The question is, how long will it take before she starts stealing everything that came in the box. I can’t say I blame her.. I’ll just have to steal it all back.



I have written in the past about how to save money and still be able to get your Stitch Fix on and I have stuck to that rule like glue! I don’t buy what I don’t “need” and I don’t keep what isn’t perfect or what I know I can get for less elsewhere. What I have kept has been unique, fit perfectly, and in my price limit. That is true for this shipment as well. I have to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has read my blogs (including you, Stephanie 🙂 ) and who have signed up to play with the styling feature that Stitch Fix has when you make an account. (If you signed up to try it and haven’t scheduled your first shipment yet, what are you waiting for?) It doesn’t automatically send you anything but it does give you a good glimpse into what you like and what you don’t and helps you evaluate some clothing styles to stretch your current wardrobe. I found out just how boring I am and have really tried some things I would never picked off the rack.  All you do is create a username and login and you can do the style tool. Piece of cake!


Here’s a quick peek at just one of the segments. There are several…

If you’re hesitating to make an account because you’re afraid you’ll start receiving boxes of clothes, take a deep breath. You can just play around and check it out without being locked in. Its fun! Give it a go for a shipment or two once you’re set up!

Anyway, back to the snowstorm and all the craziness that comes to living in a house with four kids, sugar, paint, and freezing rain and snow. I knew my our shipment was set to arrive yesterday and, yes, I just got one a couple of weeks ago. I wrote about it here.  Everything in that box was soft and warm and so great for February but I was feeling the squeeze of having my Christmas credit card bill on my desk and we weren’t in love with anything enough to keep it so… *gasp* I sent it all back and lost my $20 styling feel. I expected to feel a little sick about losing that twenty dollars, but I had a lot of credit built up so it wasn’t that bad. I have to say that I am SO glad I did! There was a sweater featured on the Stitch Fix Pinterest Board the next day that was exactly what I had been searching for! I pinned that sweater to my board and scheduled my next fix to deliver ASAP! date-night_5



I already have a similar necklace from Charming Charlie and the jeans, of course. Shoes are easy switch up and holy moly, it came!! I wrote in my note to my stylist, Stephanie, that I was dying for that specific sweater and she found it!! Oh my gosh, I am in love and so is my daughter! This sweater is tunic length and just fitted enough to add shape but not bulk. Its heavy but the weave and material isn’t winter specific at all. I can see myself wearing this all year long – that is if I can keep it out of Evin’s closet!

I need to back up to that last fix, you know, the soft one? Stephanie (my stylist for the last two stitches) mentioned when she styled me a few weeks ago that she read my blog and checked my Pinterest boards and I was flattered to say the least. She sent me things I had pinned and took the time to dig into what I really like. I was so happy to see her name when I opened the envelope again this time. She not only found that sweater, but added four other surprises that were instant keepers.


This picture shows the Kut from the Kloth Denna Skinny Jeans. I mentioned in my note that I was looking for some new white or colored skinny jeans.  The white skinnies I had for the last couple of years didn’t fit well; they were low in the back and being the age I am, it wasn’t a pretty thing at all! These have a mid-rise and aren’t too tight or too lose. A girl I work with said that she heard that Stitch Fix had great jeans: she is exactly right. This is the second pair of Kut from he Kloth jeans I have kept. If you’re wanting a sure bet to start with, request the jeans! I have the skinny and straight leg jeans made from the Kut From the Kloth brand just for Stitch Fix. You won’t be sorry!  The top in this picture is the Collective Concepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse in navy. Bring on spring! I have a cardigan I am going to throw over this top in the meantime but the way the material flows and hangs is perfect. This is the only piece to which my daughter turned her nose and to that I say, thank goodness! Its mine!!! (Again, the necklace is from Charming Charlie.)

This is one of those things that I have been looking at and wondering if I could figure out. Its my piece of adventure this fix and I took it on full force today. It’s funky, not something I totally understand, and the pictures do NOT do it any justice at all. I threw this on with a white long sleeve t-shirt and jeans to go to the grocery today and decided that I feel artsy and free in this thing and I’m 100% happy I kept it. After all, if I already knew I was keeping the white skinnies, the RD Style Blaire Cold Shoulder Pullover Sweater and the sleeveless blouse, I might as well keep this and get the 20% off for buying the whole thing; especially since I had a bunch of credit! If you’re confused, you save when you keep the entire box. This is the first time for me and my total out of pocket with my credit I had from referrals and the 20% off was less than $100! Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Last and certainly not least or as Earth shattering is the Octavia Gracie Multi Stripe Infinity Scarf. Great… another scarf. I can hear you saying it now, don’t deny it. I was so-so until I tried it on with the jeans, my peach cardigan and went from meh to hellooooo scarf just like that.


I have read so many mixed review on what my friend and other people have found in their boxes and it can be hit or miss but I have had such great luck that I will continue to look forward to that little brown box that arrives every quarter .. unless I get antsy and request it to come earlier. I warned you yesterday that I was going to write more Stitch Fix because its so fun for me. My next shipment isn’t until May 25 when we will be well into wanting summer fun. In the mean time, please ask questions if you have any and I’ll tell you how you can start simple and how it just gets better and better!